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The Blue Drill Shirts

Currently a Facebook Page exists attempting to send a message to the RFS Commissioner that Volunteer Firefighters want their Blue Drill Shirts back.

Bring back the blue drill shirt Facebook page

Recently the RFS stopped the only outlet available to Volunteers to buy the Blue Shirts, that being the RFSA Shop in which Volunteers had been paying $54.00 per shirt out of their own pockets & for years…..and after the Commissioner himself said in October 2009 that he wouldn't ban Volunteers from wearing the Blue Shirts.

This action on the RFS’s part has created much anger across NSW. Some districts have voted unanimously that they don’t want a Yellow coloured shirt.....but the RFS is refusing (yet again) to listen to Volunteers concerns.

VFFA members have been emailing & phoning us daily complaining about this action taken by the RFS & asking us to speak out loud for them.

The RFS without any genuine consultation, chose to issue a “Free” shirt but Yellow in colour, Volunteers want the “Free Shirt” certainly but Blue in colour, just as they've always worn & worn with very much pride.

The VFFA is calling upon NSW Premier Mike Baird to promptly give reason to the RFS to find the funding to supply each RFS Volunteer across NSW with one Blue Shirt each per year & at the same time, immediately re allow to the RFSA Shop to commence sales again of the Blue Shirt to those Volunteers seeking extra Blue Shirts.

Considering recent political events, we feel that the NSW State Government would find this a very small price to pay to better look after its most valued possessions, its RFS Volunteers.

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Blue Drill Shirts

You may recall that a few years ago, the NSW RFS started supplying RFS Staff with yellow shirts. The yellow shirts were not received well by volunteers. Volunteers in rural areas struggle to get any… read more »