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Bring Back the Blue Shirts

To the creators of the "Bring Back the Blue Shirts" Facebook page & to every contributor since, thank you & well done to you all for sending a very loud & clear message to the RFS. Sadly though, but not surprising, their still not listening & we continue to encourage everyone to join that Facebook page, show your support & make contact with your local MP's as a priority & voice your concerns to them.

Bring back the blue drill shirt Facebook page

As everyone now knows, the submission of a business paper on this very issue by the Volunteers of the Hornsby / Kuringai District to the other so called "representative association" last Saturday seems to have fallen on deaf ears......this doesn't surprise us at all.

Finally on Tuesday August 26th, the RFS delivers a nonsensical response talking about scientific results, super laboratories in Canada, shirts that are 4% safer from burns, higher visibility & on it went.

We're interested to know, What Volunteers were ever consulted....except the usual favourites

What volunteer has ever been burned wearing a Blue Shirt......we don't know of any?

High Visibility; they say.....well how will you ever see a Yellow Shirt under a heavy PPE Jacket?

The Commissioner said he wouldn't ban Volunteers from wearing the Blue Shirts, he's simply cut off availability of clever

Still our members are contacting us expressing their anger at the perceived blatant arrogance in the RFS not listening to those that make the RFS what it is, its Volunteers. Nothings changed though, we'll continue speaking out LOUD for them till someone opens their ears.

The VFFA calls upon NSW Premier Mike Baird to intervene & make the salaried RFS Hierarchy listen to the Volunteers. To find the funding to supply every RFS Volunteer across NSW with one Free Blue Shirt every year & at the same time, immediately re allow sales of the Shirt to those Volunteers wishing to buy extras. .....our Volunteers deserve it

The Government needs to remember, it’s the Volunteers who actually go out there & face the walls of flame in intense fire weather each Summer, it’s the Volunteers that get putrid dirty, it’s the Volunteers that sweat like hell, it’s the Volunteers that risk their life for no fiscal recompense, it’s the Volunteers that save hundreds of homes each time a bushfire breaks out - Volunteer Firefighters do it for nothing…..Free, Zilch, Nought

From over 100 years ago through to today, its been the Volunteer Firefighters of NSW that have made the RFS what it is how about someone seriously start listening to them.

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