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Concerned volunteer shares an email with us…

Members of the Central Coast District were advised via email on Friday 26th May 2017, that the RFS has no stocks of current PPC and if new members require gear they will have to beg or borrow PPC from other members.

The email stated we have plenty of helmets, boots and gloves in stock.

What next? Are we going back to the 1970’s when we bought our own gear?

We were advised last month that the new designed PPC wont be available until the 2nd half of this year with womens clothing been issued first.

I wish to stay anonymous regarding this subject.

One feels its another excellent newspaper item showing the public what RFS volunteers are expected to do whilst those in Homebush get everything. I commend your excellent article in last weeks Central Coast Express Advocate .

Keep up the great work on our behalf.

Click the image to view the NSW RFS PPE poster (pdf format).

Work Health and Safety Regulation

It is important that any volunteer who is refused PPE, politely informs their District, Team or Zone office that they have an obligation to supply the PPE in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, Division 5 – Personal protective equipment.

Section 44 – Provision to workers and use of personal protective equipment states:

(1) This clause applies if personal protective equipment is to be used to minimise a risk to health and safety in relation to work at a workplace in accordance with clause 36.

(2) The person conducting a business or undertaking (The NSW RFS in this case) who directs the carrying out of work must provide the personal protective equipment to workers at the workplace, unless the personal protective equipment has been provided by another person conducting a business or undertaking.

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