Congratulations to all winners

Congratulations to all winners

An extra (totally bias) round of applause to Gordon Hill. Those who know Gordon, also know that he wears many hats and he is dedicated to his volunteer service.

There is another, very active NSW RFS member in that group of worthy recipients. He is not representing the NSW RFS for the awards but, like Gordon, he wears many hats.

Who will be the first to point him out?

Is the NSW State Government being Bullied?

Is the NSW State Government being Bullied?

Did you know that the bullying and harassment issue has been around for a long time in the NSW RFS and it is not limited to RFS Volunteers?
Where does this bullying and harassment come from and where will it end?
It looks very suspicious when we see the NSW State Government failing to respond to the views of regional and rural communities. One example is the decentralisation of the RFS Head Office.
Are they being influenced by the NSW RFS?
Are they being bullied in some way?

Draft Grievance Service Standards for Comment

The following Draft Service Standards are currently out for consultation and members are encouraged to provide feedback.
The VFFA is sharing this material to help provide the widest circulation possible.
Send you feedback or enquiries by email to or provide your feedback via the MyRFS forums.
1. Consultation Draft Service Standard 1.1.3 – Notice of Grievance Form.
2. Consultation Draft Service Standard 1.1.3 Grievances v3.0

Was the attack on the fundraising activities of the RFSA justified? – Part 2

This part in our series displays an email thread dating back to early 2010. It is being provided as an example that others have raised concerns about the fund raising activities of the RFSA long before the recent newspaper exposure.

“Since originally researching this I have spoken to several people who have purchased the raffle tickets. Every one of them believes that they are contributing to the RFS. When I suggest that only 10% of their purchase ends up with the RFS they are clearly upset. Mostly these people are elderly and what I would consider “soft” marketing targets. I believe the telemarketers take advantage of their willingness to help and once they have made a purchase, they are placed on a call back list to repeatedly be sought for future ticket purchases.”

Was the attack on the fundraising activities of the RFSA justified? – Part 1

Was the attack on the fundraising activities of the RFSA justified? – Part 1

Part 1: November 29, 2016 – The Daily Telegraph published an exclusive by Kelly Burke that sent ripples through the commercial fund raising industry in NSW.

On this occasion, the fund raising activities of the Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) were under attack.

The flow-on effect from this article serves as a reminder for all fund raising groups to ensure that they are operating with a clear conscience.

This series of posts will attempt to pull back the covers on the RFSA fund raising activities and share stories from others who raised concerns long before the VFFA began to poke it with the media stick.

Use of U-Turn Facilities and Cross-Overs

Service members are directed that crossover points or emergency U-turn bays on motorways or highways are not to be used. This applies to incident responses and normal traffic conditions, and even where a cross-over point is marked for use by emergency services.

NSW RFS vehicles should travel to the next exit ramp or point on the motorway and re-enter the roadway.

The only exceptions to this should be where a road is closed or operating under controlled conditions, such as traffic is being directed by police.

What are your thoughts on this?

Responses from the Coonabarabran Community – Just Ask a Local

Responses from the Coonabarabran Community – Just Ask a Local

The Wambelong fire of January 2013, burnt out the Warrumbungle National Park, destroyed scores of surrounding properties and shattered the lives of many people in the Coonabarabran community.
The subsequent Coronial Inquest and Parliamentary Inquiry made 52 recommendations.
It has taken well over three years for the government to respond to the recommendations, this article looks at some of the local responses from the Coonabarabran community.
Feel free to add your comments.