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This blog was posted on the Leadership Emergency Services web site on Wednesday, June 04, 2014 by Sally Steward.

Some of these might surprise you!

Reason #10 – The reality of their experience is not what they expected when they signed on.

Reason #9 – They don’t like the work they are being asked to do nor how it is being done.

Reason #8 – Veteran or leadership volunteers won’t let them into the “insider” group.

Reason #7 – They spend more time meeting than doing.

Reason #6 – No one listens to their suggestions.

Reason #5 – They feel unrecognized, and see that thanks are unfairly given to everyone, no matter who did the most work or none at all.

Reason #4 – They are no longer asked to participate.

Reason #3 – They do not actually understand how to get more involved.

Reason #2 – They can no longer see how their involvement makes a difference.

And the #1 Reason volunteers leave is………..

It stopped being fun. Remember that a volunteer is there by choice and if they aren’t enjoying the experience they are likely to put on their walking shoes.

source: Critical Response Network

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