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The magazine known as “the volunteer fire fighter” is the official magazine of the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association.

The following issues are provided for online viewing and download.

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VFFA 2016 Vol 8 No 2 (Summer)


  • President’s Report
  • A Week is Certainly a Long Time in Politics!
  • The Orange Bi-Election – Shooters, Fishers & Farmers
  • Adaminaby RFS’s Bill Mansfield
  • NSW Farmers Association
  • Tumble Down Dick RFB
  • Fire & Rescue NSW Commissioner Retires
  • Angel Flight
  • Goin’ Bush 4WD Training – Do you need it?
  • Wedge-tailed Eagle
  • Town in Feature – Cowra
  • How many of you have a love for and play a Guitar?
  • The Simpson Desert like a few have ever seen
  • Yamaha Jet Trekkers Raise Over $140k for Children in Need
  • Easy Beef Stroganoff
  • How to Read a Tyre Sidewall
  • Consultation Draft
  • Fire in 1788
  • On the Receiving End
  • Leadership – Your Decisions make all the Difference
  • Lessons from History: Monkey-Eaters in the Scrub
  • Discrimination & Favouritism in the RFS
  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) – A proactive approach to safety
  • The Phantom Says’


VFFA 2016 Vol 8 No 1 (Winter)



  • From the President’s Desk
  • Yes Minister
  • Responses from the Coonabarabran Community
  • NSW Farmers Association
  • Burning Questions for Potato Point
  • Trundle ABBA Festival
  • Decentralisation
  • Guy Zangari Member for Fairfield
  • Why the NSW Rural Fire Service Should Relocate to Parkes
  • Goin’ Bush
  • Using a Snatch Strap Safely
  • Great Family Fishing Trips
  • In the Footsteps of Burke & Wills
  • GPS reception not what it should be?
  • The Compass Termite
  • VFFA proudly supporting Angel Flight
  • Blazeaid – Simply Incredible People
  • The Growth of the RFS Bureaucracy
  • Snowy Mountains Horse Riders Association (SMHRA)
  • The Tasmanian Fires of 2016
  • Angel Flight
  • RFDS – Nightmare bite ends in flight
  • The Phantom Speaks Out


VFFA 2015 Vol 7 No 2 (Summer)



  • From the President’s Desk
  • President’s Profile
  • Almost 3 Years since Wambelong
  • Fire Trails
  • NSW Farmers Association
  • Peter J. Cannon OAM
  • Glossodia RFS’s Parmenter Family & their Supporting of Bear Cottage
  • Angel Flight
  • Taking a look at Bargo RFS
  • Goin’ Bush
  • Off Road Leisure – NSW Outback Town of Bourke
  • With thanks to our NSW Ambo’s
  • Winching Safely
  • Travelling the Outback – Summer 2015
  • Book Review
  • UAV Hobbyist and Wildfires
  • Megafires, Paramilitaries and Global Warming Enthusiasts
  • So, Marine Rescue NSW…who are they?
  • Drones and Small Remote Brigades
  • Workplace Injury
  • Fire from the Sky
  • Early Days of Aerial Burning
  • The Phantom Speaks Out

VFFA 2015 Vol 7 No 1 (Winter)



  • Photo Competition
  • NSW Storms – April 2015
  • ANZAC Day and RFS Volunteers
  • Peter J. Cannon OAM
  • St. Albans Rural Fire Brigade
  • Wambelong Fire Enquiry Update
  • Restore Bushfire Security to Our Vulnerable Community
  • Vale – Lawrence David Norton
  • RFS – New Isuzu Category 1 Tanker
  • Belowra Continues the Bush Fire Brigade Tradition
  • High Fire Field Day
  • New Station for Tinpot Brigade
  • The People of Clare Ask – Can Anyone Hear Us?
  • Decentralisation of NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Fire Experts with a Common Objective
  • Oh, When Will They Ever Learn?
  • The Phantom Speaks Out


VFFA 2014 Vol 6 No 2 (Summer)

VFFA 2014 V6 No2 Summer


  • Photo Competition
  • We want our Blue Shirts back, is this too much to ask?
  • The Benefits of a CFU
  • In 1985 we had 600m, but National Parks won’t give an inch today!
  • Long Service Awards presented at the 85 Year Reunion of Naradhan RFS
  • Base Camp…or the Sheraton?
  • Waratah Brigade gets a Brand New Isuzu Grasslands Tanker
  • Farm Fire Management Suggestions and Fire Service Issues
  • Country Women’s Association NSW
  • Meet the new NSW Deputy Premier
  • NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc.
  • Pioneer Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for 2014 Wildfires
  • Remembering Bushfires
  • The Path of Natural Justice
  • Brigade Camaraderie, The True Spirit of the RFS
  • The Phantom Speaks Out
  • The Alarming Truth

VFFA 2014 Vol 6 No 1 (Winter)



  • Eighteen Months on from the Disastrous Wambelong Fire around Coonabarabran
  • The Williamtown Meeting
  • BlazeAid
  • Brigade in Focus
  • The Firefighters Pocket Book
  • The Impact of Climate Change on the Way We Build
  • Victorian Fire Politics
  • A Tale of Two Bushfires in the Outer-Suburbs of Perth
  • Work Health and Safety – Bullying in the Workplace
  • Fire Fighter Rescue
  • Have You Experienced a Major Fire Event?


VFFA 2013 Vol 5 No 2 (Summer)



  • Southern Highlands October 2013 | Weatherzone joins up with VFFA
  • VFFA Region South
  • Lithgow and the Hawkesbury Fires
  • Summer Wildfires…What are we doing?
  • Death by Fire and Culpable Neglect
  • Coonabarabran / Warrumbungles
  • Thanks to our NSW Ambos
  • Coonabarabran – Vale Valentino
  • West Pittwater runs a BF Course
  • Can Australian and US Smoke Alarm Standards be Trusted? Part 2
  • Boxes for BlazeAid’s Star Picket Drivers
  • The Burning Issue
  • The Phantom Speaks Out Awards
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Rural Fires Act & Government Laws Restrict Property Protection
  • Fire Risk Management Model – The Canobolas Model
  • Benefits of a Bushfire Community Protection Plan (CPP) for Nerrigundah
  • The Worsening Victorian Fire Risk in the Mountains
  • Fuel Reduction Burns in Victoria
  • Alan Grant McArthur – the founder of Australian Bush Fire Science
  • Mussel a Fire Fighters Friend

VFFA 2013 Vol 5 No 1 (Winter)



  • Why I Support the VFFA
  • Coonabarabran Fires 2013
  • A Disaster Waiting to Happen
  • Dear Commissioner, Why Not Use Local Knowledge?
  • Photo Gallery – Mt Forest Yarrabin Fire 2013
  • A Tough Day at Tarcutta
  • Structure and Rating of Forest Fuels
  • Canobolas Model – Where is it?
  • Attitudes to Fire and the Environment
  • Bushfire Myths
  • A Tale of Two Deployments
  • Photo Gallery – West Head Fire 2013
  • Recruitment and Retention – No Simple Answers
  • Frustrations of Dealing with a Modern Day RFS
  • RFS Volunteer Fire Fighter Discipline Procedures in need of Reform
  • Macalister Flood Risk
  • The Truth About the Proposed Emergency Services Levy
  • Ashes of the Fire Fighters
  • Historical Hand Pump
  • The Phantom Speaks Out
  • State Mitigation Support System
  • The Changing Relationship of NSW Local Government and the RFS
  • NSW Farmers and Bushfire Matters
  • Smoke Alarms Testing Standards Under Fire


VFFA 2012 Vol 4 No 2 (Summer)



  • Wallaga Lake Community Fire Unit
  • Fuel Moisture
  • Volunteers give Julie a Fitting Farewell
  • The Berridale Bush Fire Brigade
  • The Victoria Fire Risk in the Mountains
  • There are Funds Available Out There
  • Review of the Emergency Services Levy
  • Emergency Services Levy
  • WA Emergency Services Levy
  • A Story about “The Gorge”
  • World Fire Safety Foundation
  • VFFA Smoke Alarm Warning
  • Volunteer Rural Fire-fighter Recruitment & Retention
  • NowForce Made for Urban Centred and Rural Emergency Services
  • Grass Fire at Mushroom Farm
  • Captain’s Report and Brigade History
  • VFFA Relief Fund Proposal
  • Photo Gallery
  • Fire Fighting Yesteryear
  • NSW Board of Fire Commissioners Treaty
  • Burn Off Brigade
  • Firefighting in the USA
  • Living Beside a National Park
  • Wildfire Education and Experience – NAPA – Our US Experience
  • NSW Farmers and Bushfire Matters

VFFA 2012 Vol 4 No 1 (Winter)



  • Independent Hazard Reduction Audit Panel
  • Denis McIntyre
  • Alan Brown
  • Estimating Wind Speed
  • National Corridors Plan Concern
  • The NAPA Pilot Proposal
  • Volunteer Rural Fire-Fighters Could Face Prosecution under New National Safety Laws
  • RFS Library
  • Challenge Testing – Recognised Prior Learning
  • BAL Compliance, ‘to Seal or not to Seal’ that’s the Question
  • Encouraging our Volunteers
  • Fire Tragedy in the Blue Mountains
  • NSW Farmers and Bushfire Matters
  • Photo Galler
  • The Good Ol’ Days
  • The Gravy Train
  • Vale – Dennis Joiner


VFFA 2011 Vol 3 No 2 (Summer)



  • Kurrajong Heights Brigade’s Submission Regarding the Proposed RFS Cad-Based Callout System
  • Volunteer Representation NSW RFS Reform Paper
  • Blue Mountains Achilles Heel
  • Volunteer Fire Fighters and Injury Compensation
  • Brigade Websites
  • The RFS Radio Network as seen by a Volunteer
  • Reality Check, from a Grumpy Old Bush Firefighter
  • After the Flames and Fury – Impressions of Change
  • When NSW is in a State of Financial Uncertainty…yet more Greed
  • State Mitigation Support Service (SMSS)
  • Photo Gallery | Mosaic Zoning Approach to Hazard Reduction
  • Fire Trucks
  • Newell Highway Hazard Reduction Burns
  • Rail Line Burn – Mickibri
  • A More Efficient and Effective RFS Operational Structure
  • Subsidy for the Retrofitting of Bushfire Protection Measures to Older Dwellings in High Risk Bushfire Zones
  • Ionization Smoke Alarms are Deadly
  • Bush Fire at The Dish – 1 December 2004
  • The Canobalas Bush Fire Model
  • Values
  • Book Review

VFFA 2011 Vol 3 No 1 (Winter)



  • How can we Protect Residents from Bushfires?
  • The VFFA Welcomes New NSW Police & Emergency Services Minister Mr Michael Gallacher
  • Volunteers and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Car Fires – The Hidden Dangers
  • RFS Volunteer Fire Fighter Discipline Procedures in Need of Reform
  • The Combo Con
  • State Mitigation Team
  • Decentralisation – It’s Time!
  • RFS to Pay $6 Million Tax Debt
  • RFS uses Volunteer Funds to Pay the Fringe Benefits Tax incurred by Staff
  • Shipley Re-instated
  • Tropical Cyclone Yasi Clean-Up
  • Fuel Loadings over Spring and Summer 2010/11
  • Bargo Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade goes CABA
  • Volunteer Firefighters Don’t Just Fight Fires


VFFA 2010 Vol 2 No 2 (Summer)



  • Communications Gone out the Window
  • Understanding Roles
  • The Fire Shed Siren Rises from the Ashes
  • Hon Melinda Pavey MLC
  • Safety Fears Over New Fire Trucks
  • Photo Gallery
  • Self Employed Injured Fire Fighters’ Compensation
  • The World Fire Safety Foundation
  • Grose Head South Fire
  • Catastrophe – Fuel Mitigation or More of the Same
  • The Yellow T-Shirt
  • Local Concerns But Who’s Listening
  • NSW Volunteer Firefighters Demand an Increase in Hazard Reduction Burning
  • Windellama Bushfire Brigade
  • 2003 The Year That Fffffed Me About
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Using Headers during Harvest
  • Did The Goal Posts Move Again?

VFFA 2010 Vol 2 No 1 (Winter)



  • Victorian Fires 2009
  • Active Fuel Management in National Parks
  • Community Sees Danger in NSW Catastrophic Fire Ratings
  • Hon Melinda Pavey MLC
  • Workers Retreat Battle
  • VFFA profile
  • Black is all I See
  • Commonwealth Senate Select Committee Inquiry
  • Volunteer Fire Fighters want changes to Tax Laws to go Further
  • Independent Bushfire Research Institute
  • If It Ain’t Broke
  • Fire Behaviour – Threshold Windspeed
  • Let’s Move The Goal Posts – Again
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bushfire and Native Fauna Population

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