2021 Peer Support Training Opportunity

Note: This information also appears on our RED Friday – SitReps page.

RED Friday Peer Support Team Training is available for up to fifteen NSW RFS Volunteer Firefighters (fully sponsored by RED Friday).

RED Friday has created a program schedule specifically for NSW RFS Volunteers.

Note: You don’t have to be a member of the VFFA to participate.

The primary focus of the program is the development of the skills needed to provide a reliable internal support system at a Brigade level and a crisis response plan (external support programs) as needed.

The role of peer support in stress audits and returns to operational work is also explored.

This program covers roles and responsibilities, stigma, sleep hygiene, Amygdala awareness and stress response, PTSD symptomology, effective communication and active listening, gratitude and meditation, grief and suicide, substance use and addiction, CISM intervention models and hybrids and solution-focused interviewing. We take a solution-focused approach to assisting co-workers with chronic or non-trauma-based issues where we explore their own experience and strengths to develop coping strategies rather than focusing on the ‘problem’. This has been found to be very effective in crisis call centres, individual therapy and other applications, and provides peers with a series of structured questions that allows them to help the client navigate their own solutions.

The program would be of value in any NSW RFS workplace and the VFFA is working with RED Friday to help build a support network for our Volunteer Firefighters.

Register your expression of interest by calling 1300 609 221 or complete the form (below). Leave your contact details on the recorded message and state that you are interested in the 2021 Peer Support Training Program.

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