On June 7 2020 a media release was issued by President Mr. Holton with a recommendation that a RFS Volunteer Benevolent Fund be set up from the $51M raised by Celeste Barber. In the recent Commissioner’s Update Sep 21 one of the new priorities was to establish the Benevolent Fund to assist the volunteer firefighters and their families. It is good to see an initiative of the VFFA for RFS volunteer members being followed up.


From the Commissioner on the Benevolent Fund:

To better support our members when they need it most, we will establish a fund to distribute money to injured or deceased firefighters and their families, and create other safe connections to support families in distress. This is a step towards our longer-term vision to provide broader support for NSWRFS families suffering from financial hardship and distress. 

Benevolent Fund – Commissioners Update Sep 2021
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