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ABC Landline produces some excellent programs and these archived episodes on the Pinery and Esperance Fires are no exception.

From the Ashes : Pinery Fires
Broadcast Date: 10/03/2016
Reporter: Kerry Staight

In South Australia’s Mid North, a blaze tore through more than 85,000 hectares last November, killing two people. Just over three months on and the clean-up and recovery are far from over. One of the biggest challenges is repairing the very foundation of agriculture, the soil. But as Kerry Staight reports, a combination of smart farming and generosity is helping people pick up the pieces.

From the Ashes : Esperance Fires
Broadcast Date: 10/03/201
Reporter: Mark Bennett

In Western Australia, a group of farmers has hired a law firm to conduct their own independent review into how the disastrous bushfires were handled by fire authorities in November last year. Four people died and millions of dollars of assets were lost in the wildfires, which the Esperance farmers believe could have been avoided. The farmers say changes must be made to bushfire management to avoid repeating the tragedy. Mark Bennett reports from Esperance.

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