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A Question of Burning Urgency

Of all the factors that contribute to the intensity of a fire (temperature, wind speed, humidity, topography, fuel moisture and fuel load), only fuel load can be readily modified by human effort, but bearing in mind that since the industrial revolution it is now clear that humans have also modified the world’s temperature, and action on emissions may eventually assist to bring this down.

Citation: Emergency Leaders for Climate Action

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Fire and Blame

As bushfires peaked in the Australian summer of 2019-20, we heard a lot of the myth of climate change as the prime cause of the flames’ spread and severity. In this article, Christine Finlay addresses climate change and a second myth, mostly promoted by politicians and leaders of bushfire management organisations: that an appropriate response is to promise a thorough review of bushfire management (via royal commissions or otherwise) while pre-emptively pouring yet more taxpayer dollars into fire-fighting organisations and aerial firefighting, in particular. This is the latest instance of a repeated pattern, more likely to worsen rather than improve the situation.

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Management of National Parks adjoining private land

I am writing to support the NSW Farmers proposal for grazing to be re-introduced into Crown Lands including National Parks.

I believe this need only be applied in marginal areas around National Parks which cannot be protected from fire by graded fire breaks. Many National Parks boundaries are on very steep and inaccessible areas thereby making fire and stock control very difficult.

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Thank you cards and letters from Scouts in the US

The VFFA received a bunch of thank you cards and letters from Scouts in the US.

The cards and letters were sent by Samantha Palmer and the VFFA has produced this short video to say thanks.

The cards, letters and video acknowledges the hard work by all firefighters in Australia and those from other countries that deployed to assist.

A big thank you to all of the Scouts for their cards and letters, you support is very much appreciated.

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