Bushfire Death Trap


Bushfire Death Trap was written by Tim Malseed and bushfire expert David Packham.

The recommendations that were made in this paper were heavy on Government leadership, and light on taxpayer funds.

Click HERE or the image (above) to download this Paper in a pdf format.



Two weeks after Black Saturday, the Prime Minister of Australia was asked in parliament:

“My question is to the Prime Minister, and I recognise that he answered part of this to the member for McEwen earlier. My question relates to the Prime Minister’s comments at yesterday’s memorial service that successive governments have failed in terms of bushfire management, and also comments made by Wurundjeri elder, Aunty Joy Murphy, from Healesville who said that Aboriginal people historically burned the land every seven years for ‘cleansing and regrowth’, but Black Saturday was a ‘torture of the land’. Prime Minister, could you elaborate on your comment and, given that every inquiry since 1939 has focused on fuel reduction in fire-prone areas, do you believe it is time we learnt from Aboriginal Australians, whose firestick management practices created the bush environment that white Australians are attempting to modify to a landscape that has never existed?”

Tony Windsor Independent MP


The following ABC Melbourne News video (20th March 2013) introduces the Bushfire Death Trap, highlighting the dangers of Eltham’s Gateway.

Do you live in a leafy area? Perhaps you need to consider your options.

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