Bushfire Royal Commission Up and Running

The Royal Commissioninto National Natural Disaster Arrangements is up and running after its formal opening in Canberra and online this week.

The video can be viewed here and the full transcript of the opening is here:

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an excellent piece that claimed the enquiry had already received 1,000 submissions. The article quotes VFFA President Mick Holton:

Increased controlled burning to reduce fuel loads was also the dominant call in the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association’s submission. “Land management plays a major role in a fire season because with less fuel, there is less fire,” association president Mick Holton said. “We have a choice, we can have fire in a controlled manner and in a manner that is good for the country, or we lock it up and have fire when we don’t want it and it will cause damage.”

Mike Gorman, deputy captain of the Kangaroo Valley Rural Fire Service unit

The story also features Mike Gorman, deputy captain of the Kangaroo Valley Rural Fire Service unit, who describes a near miss incident in whch four crews were trapped in the ‘Dead Man’s Zone.

The full story is here:

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