According to emails received by the VFFA and a popular FaceBook group (used by many NSW RFS Volunteers), there seems to be some Cat 9 wheels that have cracked as shown in the image below.

Cracked Wheel

We were unable to locate any additional information about this issue on the NSW RFS web site or the My RFS web site.

We are not suggesting that the NSW RFS has failed to properly respond to this issue but we would like to know if this issue has occurred more frequently than reported.

This is what we do know…

  1. The wheel in the photo (above) was fitted to a NSW RFS Cat 9 response vehicle.
  2. The NSW RFS has not issued a safety notice or safety alert about this issue.
  3. There has not been any recalls of these wheels.
  4. There does not seem to be any Safety Alerts issued in 2017 (no Safety Alerts about any topic).
  5. We have been informed that the Hawkesbury District has replaced five wheels.
  6. Apparently, these wheels were specified to reduce vehicle weight.
  7. It has been reported that at least two different vehicles have had cracked wheels.

Feel free to provide your feedback on this issue.

Check your wheels (alloy or steel)

It is a good idea to check your wheels and tyres as part of any regular vehicle inspection.

Cracked Wheels
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