Good News from the RFS

Rob Rogers makes a good start to his new position as Commissioner with some excellent priorities for the year ahead.

There’s lots of good stuff there. In particular the VFFA have long been an advocated for Farm Fire Units. These can be Tanker Trailers that can be towed behind a farm ute or, as adopted in South Australia, an integated fire pump and water tank that sits on the tray of the ute.

This is the hand book that is used in SA:

Also thrilled to see the RFS adopting a redesign for tankers to provide cabin protection. If properly designed, this will protect crews from falling branches as well as rollovers. Other initiatives include:

  • PPE – head protection and respiratory system
  • Member Availability & Response Sytem
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Integrated Despatch System
  • One NSW RFS Member Website
  • Electronic Membership Application System
  • Plus the aforementioned Tanker Design and Farm Fire Unit Integration

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