NSW Fair Trading has issued on 04 March 2015 a Public warning on portable butane ‘lunchbox’ cookers that relates to safety issues with these specific cookers, including overheating.

The NSW RFS does not have these items on our purchasing catalogue.

This health & safety alert is issued on the basis that members may have separately purchased these items for use in the field.

The following are key extracts from the NSW Fair Trading public warning:

  • Testing, undertaken at the request of NSW Fair Trading and other State gas regulators, has found a fault with the cookers’ shut-off valves, posing a risk that the devices may overheat and could explode.
  • Up to 31 models of butane gas cookers have been withdrawn from sale as they do not meet Australian Standards. Retailers in NSW should no longer be stocking or selling these products.
  • The NSW Fair Trading Commissioner, Rod Stowe has advised that consumers who have purchased cookers should refrain from using them.
  • NSW Fair Trading has released a list of affected product names and model numbers. Refer to the NSW Fair Trading link (below)

Action Required

NSW Rural Fire Services (RFS) Brigades and Business Sections may have in their possession non-compliant portable butane ‘lunchbox’ cookers.

  1. All portable butane ‘lunchbox’ style cookers are to be immediately removed from service, labelled appropriately and quarantined.
  2. No further purchasing of portable butane ‘lunchbox’ cookers is to occur for use within the NSW RFS until further notice.


NSW Fair Trading:

Public warning on portable butane ‘lunchbox’ cookers 04 March 2015.


Download this Safety Alert as a pdf (see pdf icon below)


This alert was produced by the NSW Rural Fire Service – Infrastructure Services in conjunction with the Health, Safety & Welfare Section. For further information please contact the safety hotline on 02 8741 5221 or by email The HSW Section will consult with Infrastructure on any issues reported.

Health & Safety Alert – Portable Butane Cookers
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