Helping the RFSA obtain an Informed and Accurate View

The VFFA is pleased to learn that the NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) is seeking active participation from Brigade / RFSA membership in presenting an informed and accurate presentation of the current state of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) to the Keelty Commission of Inquiry.

The Inquiry’s Terms of Reference are:

Review and report on the adequacy of the fire services response to the Reedy Swamp fire Bega that occurred on 18 March 2018, and subsequently impacted on the township of Tathra;

Review the call taking and despatch arrangements of both Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Rural Fire Service across the State, and make any recommendations to ensure they are best practice, addressing emerging technology, and provide the best possible service delivery to the community of NSW.

NSW RFS and FRNSW Firefighters are encouraged to participate

It is important to the VFFA that Mr Keelty obtains an accurate, open and transparent view from ALL firefighters and members of the public.

Please respond to this campaign quickly because the submissions are required before Wednesday, 11th April 2018.

We have provided a link that can be used to submit your views to all three of the following recipients:

  1. The Minister for Emergency Services (
  2. NSW Rural Fire Service Association (
  3. Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (

Click here to send your comment, views or submission

Note: You can view a copy of the RFSA request (as shared with the VFFA) using the pdf link below:

RFSA Input Sought Keelty Inquiry

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