I Am Fire – New NSW RFS campaign

“I Am Fire” is the theme of a new bush fire public awareness campaign launched by the NSW RFS.

The campaign will be seen and heard on television, radio, online and in newspapers from early September across the bush fire season.

The campaign is in response to research conducted by the NSW RFS and Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre following the 2013 NSW bush fires, including those in the Blue Mountains which destroyed more than 200 homes.

The research found that while people have a general appreciation for the threat of fire in their area, the majority of people don’t personalise the risk, thinking it won’t happen to them. That’s where the idea of “I Am Fire” came from – personalising fire so people see the threat is very real.

The research also found that many people believe their home will withstand a bush fire, even if they did nothing to prepare or protect it; and that many people think it’s too hard, costly or time consuming to prepare. That’s why the campaign focuses on the simple things you can do to better protect you and your family.

The campaign is supported by a new website – www.myfireplan.com.au – which provides simple tips, and online videos.


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