Kath And Kim Are Responsible For The Bushfires…

In the Interests of the People (YouTube Channel) – 5th January 2020

It appears that scientific bush fire experts have been warning for several years that a catastrophe would be coming and yet these warnings have not been heeded by governments or their bureaucratic officials. Why is that, and what does it tell us about Australian society? John Adams and Martin North discuss. Is this also true of impending financial disaster?

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7 Replies to “Kath And Kim Are Responsible For The Bushfires…”

  1. That our communication is ineffective. That our conditioning fails to prepare us to solve problems, which is very different from knowing there are problems. I have for some time believed that many of the problems the world face are by design and those that have created them don’t want us to solve them. Those people and things that come between citizens and their government can be very difficult to contend with. An Arizonan for Arizona

  2. The balance between the need for forests and the human consumption of most things, the idea of tent towns as a cost & means effective shelter has been offered for consideration. The cost of facing natural and unnatural disasters is more than Nature can afford. Any color, a variety of sizes and shapes and well made can manage temps and weather.

  3. Limits and deterrents as nature provides air and water keeping human populations from ruining these natural resources must be attended to. and it’s the oldest crime to consume land and resources while good people attend to their daily demands. Human’s must live as all other animals do, on what nature can provide. Or all will be lost to consumption.

  4. You can’t have a fire without fuel. You can’t control a fire that has too much fuel.
    Why can’t politicians figure this out. Here in California we have experienced many excess fuel fires. We also have winds that further contribute to fire spread. You can’t deliver enough water to these fires to have any significant suppression. Fire brands easily spread across fuel breaks carried by the wind. Basically, the fire are controlled when they run out of fuel.
    I sympathize with your situation. It gives you a sense of helplessness when you can’t stop a wild land fire due to fuel load. Maybe we need to do a better job of educating the politicians as to how fire behaves.

  5. If these at risk landscapes were nurtured with ongoing preventive measures to reduce the risk factors, Australia would not be a country so savagerly burnt to ashes by these menacing and unstoppable dangerous fires that destroyed everything in its path ie humans, including our selfless volunteer firefighters, homes, beautiful landscapes, farm building infrastructure, thousands of kilometres of fencing, factories, town businesses, schools, bridges, farming animals, wildlife and endangered creatures.

    The ongoing mental trauma will be catastrophic as those displaced come to terms with their massive losses.

    The risk is simply minimised by the employing of evidenced based proven workable strategies from landowners who have astute situational awareness of the land that they occupy to make a living.
    Their hands are tied by the pathetic law makers who are totally inept who rule and dictate out of their concrete apartments.
    They must be held accountable for their actions in preventing landowners from clearing and managing their private land.

    I am a farmer and a volunteer firefighter, therefore I interpret and see first hand from different perspectives as I am part of the living process.

    Many farms adjoin National Parks, and all these major fires started in one and these deadly fires were uncontrollable. The facts have clearly proven themselves in a catastrophic outcome.

    The Greenies and others who support them in the political arena need to accept that it is the build up over the years of forest floor fuel accumulation and not blame it on climate change.

    I urge Greenies to become volunteer firefighters to interpret first hand how their narrow focused idealism is extremely damaging and dangerous as it is devoid of proven facts that over the years have accurately categorised themselves out and also the lacking of basic common sense.
    Hopefully this proven outcome will bring much needed change as a matter of urgency.

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