Since the Royal Commission into the Black Saturday fires, only a third of the area earmarked for hazard reduction burns has been cleared and former CSIRO bushfire expert Phil Cheney says there have been “excuses… and Pseudo-science to justify this”.

Local council restrictions make prescribed burning ‘almost impossible’
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One thought on “Local council restrictions make prescribed burning ‘almost impossible’

  • February 8, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    In the face of this catastrophic fire destruction event , the Greenies must accept the imperative and absolute necessity of not blocking or even attempting to block us landowners from clearing our private land in terms of alienating us onto the bureaucratic scrapheap, by causing us to suffer wiith our mental health issues in the most uncaring manner.
    Some landowners are suicidal and are at breaking point because all that they worked decades to achieve has been taken away from them.

    We must have from this fire season, onwards, all actual and any potential risk to us eliminated or minimised to assist us in mitigating destructive proven out of control outcomes from a menacing, destructive and raging unstoppable fire bearing down on us destroying our farmers lives, farm animals, wildlife, homes , by over one thousand, massive amounts of machinery and farming infrastructure.
    Also the destruction of our livelihood to keep food on Aussie plates.

    Greenies, don’t impose your pathetic regulation red tape nonsense on us,

    Presently you are all trying to keep your seats warm, because at the next elections you will all be shown the door, because right now you are all asleep in your porridge.

    I am not a arm chair warrior. I am in an ideal position to speak out as I am a volunteer firefighter, a farmer and a mental health Registered Nurse.

    As always, droughts are followed by rain. Refer to the1908 poem of
    Dorothea McKellar. It was a pattern of droughts and then flooding rains that was at the forefront of Australia’s most famous poem .

    The flooding is now occurring, so a message to the Greenies, get out of our road by trying to impose your regulations on farmers who in the past tried to build more dams to capture the water that would eventually come and it has now arrived in some drought affected in areas.

    Congratulations to the farmer who initiated and took the leading role in this story on the the lawsuit against the Government for not being allowed to do his own hazard reduction and to all the other affected farmers following in his footsteps via their class action.

    Glenda George

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