Friday, 15th June 2012

Local Councils vote to break away from Rural Fire Service Involvement

The Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA), the representative association for Volunteers of the NSW Rural Fire Service was saddened to hear of the outcome of the Local Government & Shires Association’s Annual Conference held in Sydney last week in which delegates overwhelmingly voted for withdrawal from the operations of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Mr. Peter Cannon, President of the Volunteer Firefighters Association said that Local Councils have a long & highly successful history of supporting our volunteers within brigades & this dates back to a time when bushfire brigades were first formed…..they treated volunteers well & with great respect.

It is indeed sad that they have made their decision based on what they say is an overloaded RFS bureaucracy, having been treated with contempt & ineffective management of the RFS towards local Government…..this is a very sad day indeed; said Mr. Cannon.

Volunteers need the Local Councils to remain a part of what we do & the VFFA calls upon the NSW Government to conduct an inquiry into the running of the NSW Rural Fire Service & to work to salvage the Local Councils involvement with RFS Volunteers.



Volunteer rural firefighters who wish to be informed on the position taken by the NSW Local Government and Shires Association are referred to the following link:

Media Enquiries:

Peter Cannon, VFFA President. Telephone 0428-697634.

About the VFFA:
The Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA) represents the volunteer firefighters of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

We do not represent any casual, part time or full time wages or salaried staff of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

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