National CAVFA Survey (closed)


Volunteers and auxiliary firefighters with all major fire services across Australia were invited by the Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA) to participate in a nationwide survey that takes volunteer opinions and advice direct to Government and Emergency Management sector decision makers.

The VFFA has not been recognised by the CAVFA but we do support their initiative to obtain the opinions and advice from all volunteers. The VFFA also congratulates the RFSA for supporting this initiative.

All volunteers were encouraged to complete the survey.

Survey link – click HERE.

Note: The survey closed on the 29th August 2016.

It would be nice to see the results.

More information about this survey…

The survey asks questions on issues that were chosen by volunteers as being most important to them. It takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes to complete online.

The CAVFA hopes to engage many volunteers across the country to have their say.

The survey was developed by Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV), it was designed to address a significant gap in the information available to the State’s decision makers, and over the years has become an unmatched guide to trends in emergency services volunteer opinions in Victoria.

The survey is designed to better understand the issues as volunteers see them, and is used by volunteer associations to bring the frontline volunteers’ opinions and advice on matters affecting their welfare and efficiency directly to the State Government and senior decision makers in the Emergency Management sector.

The purpose of the Volunteer Welfare and Efficiency Survey is to ensure that volunteers’ needs and expectations are sought, analysed and available to Government and the EM Sector so the very foundation of the volunteer-based emergency service continues to be recognised and supported to meet the future emergency services needs of the community.

The survey is a cooperative process, allowing each Association to provide reliable facts and figures to support its representation of all volunteers. The results in Victoria are studied by VFBV and the CFA Board, and Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner has applauded it as an excellent tool for all who work to understand and support the needs of volunteers.

This year, as we expect thousands of volunteers across the country to participate, it will provide a powerful message that will enable CAVFA to advocate and discuss volunteer key issues with senior decision makers.

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