The Daily Telegraph loves a good story, big fires, a horror fire season ahead and now we have jumbo sized water bombers.


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Eamonn Oct 2, 2015
Geez, Tim calm down haha. It’s obvious there is a VERY strong El Nino weather pattern and there is a much higher than average risk for fires over the east coast of australia, hence the heightened warning in the media. Have a great day every body. P.S shots of the jet look sweet.

Tim Oct 2, 2015
Geez, I get sick of the media beating up the ‘Fire season’ every year. Last year it was the same story. Predictions of mass destruction, fire storms, etc etc. As it turned out it was no more severe than any other season. When are we going to accept that this is Australia and we have bush fires. Always have and always will. So if you’re close to bush be prepared…every summer!!! And as for this El Nino, well i heard the prediction a few months ago that we’re heading into a dry period. Well for the last 3 weeks it’s been raining quite a lot, so that prediction has fallen flat on it’s face…again!!

Jon Oct 2, 2015
Tim. You are sooo right Tim. Notice how one particular TV Channel constantly serves up highly dramatised waffle everytime the RFS bureaucracy beckons their call. The sad thing is that through an ever increasing bureaucracy, next to no Hazard Reduction burning is taking place in the “Off Season” thus the fuel loads increase creating a situation where a Catastrophic outcome is inevitable. Meanwhile the RFS tells the Public to evacuate because its just too dangerous to stay……yet its happy to send its Volunteers in & face being burnt or worse?

Neil Oct 2, 2015
Jon and Tim Correct. Thanks to the silly greenies etc people and property get incinerated. Outrageous.

James Oct 2, 2015
The whole bushfire thing has been turned into a circus. Flash uniform wearing generals in HQ talking to the media with overblown self importance. Reporters in fire fighting clothes standing near fire ravaged houses. It makes me so frustrated. What more could you do to encourage a fire bug??

Now a DC10 water bomber. Was Elvis the sky crane to “yesterday’s” news?

It’s time the media took a long hard look at its self. From bringing down political leaders to encouraging bushfires.

Report the news. Don’t make the news!!

Tim Oct 2, 2015
James couldn’t agree more!! It’s such a counterproductive exercise. We all know it’s hot in summer and we all know bush fires start easier in summer. Let’s get over it!!

Jon Oct 2, 2015
Tim and James Here Here! Bushfire’s are rapidly becoming an out of control Mega Industry with all its Generals walking around like their the one’s fighting the fires, which they aren’t! The Media feed from it all like hungry piranhas & the Generals love it

James Oct 2, 2015
The more the media “promotes” summer as “fire season” complete with amazing photos of destruction and flashy equipment the more the risk increases! Just stop promoting it! It’s like the media wants to generate news.

Charity Box Oct 1, 2015
I loved the old DC10’s…

Daniel Oct 1, 2015
Looks like 2009 all over again. The party’s over.

Bill Oct 1, 2015
How are they refilled?

We are watching you always Oct 1, 2015
Bill, it lands. The water is pumped in. It takes off again.

Inefficient (compared to a skycrane or even better, a Beriev BE-200) but still carries a huge amount of water.

Nice to see an old airframe being useful too. The DC-10s were a nice bird.

Jon Oct 1, 2015
We are watching you always and Bill Yeh they were a great OLD bird all right, just ask anyone still living from United 272 that crashed in Sioux City Iowa or all of the other DC10 crashes. At best this thing is thirty years old & now doing aerial acrobatics with 44 ton of water on board. There’ll sure will be some Red faces running for cover if this thing goes down

Ben Oct 1, 2015
Bill. It catches the clouds and rain…

David Oct 2, 2015
It must take forever to land, refuel, fill 40,000 litres of water and get back to the fire. Why bother…..we need more Skycranes.

Matt Oct 2, 2015
David. It only takes 8 minutes to refill the water tanker , also if it’s in and out of Richmond, then not much traffic in the area for faster turn around times.

Graham Oct 1, 2015
David,you didn’t blame global warming.The “in crowd “won’t be happy with you.

NSW RFS brings in jumbo sized water bomber ahead of expected horror fire season
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