The Printed Pocket Book is Back

You may recall that we published an article in the Winter 2014 edition of “the volunteer fire fighter” titled “The Firefighters Pocket Book”.

Pocket Book Versions

In that article we encouraged our readers to remain positive about the new way of sharing the Firefighters Pocket Book. We congratulated the RFS (as an organisation) and Inspector Meijer for this initiative.

We also encouraged the RFS to keep an eye on the program and respect the wishes of the volunteers. If our volunteers were concerned about loosing the rugged enough for you to take with you anywhere version then they should have their say.

We asked that volunteers could provide feedback using the following email:

Congratulations to the NSW RFS

We congratulate the RFS because, based upon the lasted NSW RFS eBulletin, they are planning another print run.

The eBulletin reads as follows:

new pocket book

Updated Firefighters’ Pocketbook

The printed version of the Pocketbook app is on its way to Districts.

The NSW RFS Firefighters’ Pocketbook is an easy reference guide and refers to a range of NSW RFS policies, standards, and procedures including details about equipment, safety and welfare, communications and technical information.

Although originally a printed book, the Pocketbook’s primary form is now the smartphone app. The app runs on any Apple or Android device and a desktop version is available through MyRFS.

While the app is the best way to ensure you’ve got access to the latest information, the printed version is current as of November 2015.

To date there have been over 20,000 downloads of the app.

Where possible please encourage members to use the app as the primary way to access the Pocketbook, rather than the printed copy.

A limited number of printed copies of the Pocketbook are being distributed to Districts. If your District requires more copies, email the Pocketbook team and they’ll endeavour to assist while stocks last.

3 Replies to “The Printed Pocket Book is Back”

  1. Hi
    I currently have the printed firefighters pocket book from June 2008, am I able to get an updated version of this in the printed version.

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