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Use of U-Turn Facilities and Cross-Overs

Service members are directed that crossover points or emergency U-turn bays on motorways or highways are not to be used. This applies to incident responses and normal traffic conditions, and even where a cross-over point is marked for use by emergency services.

NSW RFS vehicles should travel to the next exit ramp or point on the motorway and re-enter the roadway.

The only exceptions to this should be where a road is closed or operating under controlled conditions, such as traffic is being directed by police.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Responses from the Coonabarabran Community – Just Ask a Local

The Wambelong fire of January 2013, burnt out the Warrumbungle National Park, destroyed scores of surrounding properties and shattered the lives of many people in the Coonabarabran community.
The subsequent Coronial Inquest and Parliamentary Inquiry made 52 recommendations.
It has taken well over three years for the government to respond to the recommendations, this article looks at some of the local responses from the Coonabarabran community.
Feel free to add your comments.

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A Volunteers Comment

This post originated as a comment from one of our readers.

In January of 2013 I was sent to Tasmania as an investigator for the fire in the Dunelli area. The area was highly asbestos contaminated and the workers both volunteer and staff agreed we needed health monitoring.

Some three months later, no action was taken by the dept for my health monitoring only for a staff member.

Workcover was called who sorted the situation and educated the service in their responsibilities. May I add no consultation was had with me and others that attended, the service only spoke with the Tasmanian Fire Service. We worked for the Police who were the Incident Controllers for the emergency.

After this poor performance, I requested the election of HSRs under section 50 WHS Act which I was fobbed off.

Workcover is now defending the rights of workers in the election of HSRs in the Industrial Relations Commission as the service does not want HSRs elected or placing PINs (provisional improvement notices) on the service to fix lacking WHS responsibilities. The Act and its intent is to power workers in looking after their own Health and safety.

I note your concern about funding for brigade stations and PPE and the HSRs would have the power to sort this out with the PCBU.

Consultation is important in WHS yet if Ido attend brigades meetings nothing is relayed about anything. Communication within the RFS is poor and its culture affects the future development of the RFS.

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