Phil Cheney CSIRO Wildfire Scientist (Retired) drawing on his career of wildfire research to explain the fundamentals of Bushfire Weather and Fire Growth in Australia. How to learn more about Australian Bushfires and Safety and see through the politics?

I recommend purchasing the following books: The Complete Bushfire Safety Book by Joan Webster Bushfires and Bushtucker: Aboriginal Plant Use in Central Australia by Peter Latz The Still-Burning Bush: updated edition by Stephen Pyne The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia by Bill Gammage Australia’s Megafires: Biodiversity Impacts and Lessons from 2019-2020 Fire Country by Victor Steffensen Looking After Country with Fire: Aboriginal Burning Knowledge With Uncle Kuu by Victor Steffensen The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia by Bill Gammage

This video is a personal subject discussion between individuals and does not represent the views of any agency or organization.

Welcome to Talking Wildfire With Michael Hill! Timeline 0:00 Introduction 0:45 Introducing Episode 1:00 Wildfire in Australia 3:04 Fire Season of 1974-75 3:29 Tour of Australia’s Fire Climates: the North 4:45 Queensland 5:36 New South Wales 6:11 Victoria 8:07 Tasmania 9:08 South Australia 9:51 Western Australia 11:03 Queensland Rainforest 11:52 How Fires Burn 15:54 Fire Spread 16:42 Fire Column Growth 17:27 Winds 18:15 Fire Convection Strength 20:14 Large Fire Growth Conditions 22:57 Wind Movement in Column 24:10 Danger: Sudden Wind Stopping 25:01 Sky Turns Black 25:45 Fire Impacts Location 26:12 Sky Turns Red 27:06 Canberra Fire Experience: Red Flashes 28:13 Night Fires: Reflective Light 29:18 Fire Research Findings: Wind and Fire Spread 32: 55 Complexity of Interactions 33:29 Fire Creating Winds 34:58 Fire Creating Weather Effects: Lightning and Snow 37:13 Close

Talking Wildfire With Michael Hill. Phil Cheney CSIRO Wildfire Scientist (Retired) explains Bushfire Weather & Fire Growth in Australia
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