The Untold Story (2015) features the people from the high country in Victoria, talking about the problems with bushfires and wild dogs.

Cattle have been banned from grazing in the high country, this is a practice that was done perfectly for 160 years and proved to control fires and regenerate the bush.

Less fuel equals less fire.

Green policies have shut down the National Parks and Australians are not allowed in there – only the wild dogs and other feral non native animal are in mass numbers and the bush has been scorched.

Support the cattlemen and help get the cattle back. Preserve Australia’s Heritage.

The cattle eat the grass and reduce the fuel load. It is that dead grass build up that ignites the trees on fire and causes loss of property and human lives.

These people who are born and bred in the mountains know what is best and the Governments should start to listen to them.

The cattlemen are now a threatened species

The Untold Story
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