The pdf distribution of the January 2023 VFFA magazine was delayed because of changes to our website design and hosting. The VFFA website may look similar, but the back end has undergone significant upgrades, and work continues.

The printed edition was distributed closer to the publication date, and the pdf was shared as much as possible (without our web-based distribution system).

The VFFA Magazine - January 2023 Edition

This magazine can be viewed online or downloaded.

VFFA Magazine (2023 January) available for download
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One thought on “VFFA Magazine (2023 January) available for download

  • September 30, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    I have just received the copy of the VFF’s magazine and was absolutely disgusted by the treatment of volunteers mentioned in your article.

    This organisation is just a shambles run by totally incompetent idiots who ride rough shod over the volunteers with no respect for their own SOP’s.

    Volunteers are treated with total disdain and the attitude seems to be don’t worry they are only volunteers. The senior paid staff are only concerned about covering their backsides so as to preserve their pensions.

    I was a volunteer duty officer for over 6 years and due to family reasons gave it up. Not a bloody word of thanks did I receive for spending all weekends as a duty officer. In the early days I came on duty at 5 pm on Friday and was relieved from duty at 8 am Monday then having to go to work.

    The Covic policy was another fiasco with discriminatory rules in place based on false information despite updated information that was sent to the commissioner Rogers which he totally ignored. These rules were eventually relaxed late last year.

    I am now retired and want nothing more to do with the RFS a new broom is required to sweep out the deadwood preferably not a career chaser.

    The RFS needs to be taught a lesson that they cannot disregard due process. I think it would be a good idea to start a fund where the volunteers can have proper legal representation to stop this sort of behaviour. In the case of FF Bob, I would be prepared to put in a few dollars if a fund was started to sue the RFS.

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