VFFA President talks to Graeme Gilbert (2SM Super Radio Network) about RFS Reform

The media has become interested in the need for major reform after the release of the NSW Upper House report, entitled Emergency Services Agencies NSW.

The audio file (below) was captured on Wednesday 25th July, by a VFFA supporter as he listened to an interview with the VFFA President, Mick Holton by Graeme Gilbert of the 2SM Super Radio Network.


Mr Gilbert gave our association approximately twenty eight minutes of air time.

The 2SM Super Radio Network broadcasts across Sydney, many rural and regional areas of NSW.

Comments and feedback are most welcome.

The audio file is provided below:

2 Replies to “VFFA President talks to Graeme Gilbert (2SM Super Radio Network) about RFS Reform”

  1. I would like to confirm what you have been advised regarding poor attitudes and behaviours regarding Volunteers.
    I myself left after 19 years and 10 months after witnessing and reporting too much nepotism and various acts of impropriety and incompetence.
    When the RFS Professional Standards Unit responded to me, I had to reply and correct their information which they admitted to being incorrect and they were misled, but still found no reason to doubt their staff.
    70,000 Vols is one of the biggest misconceptions and untruths, not that honesty, loyalty and general decency have any place in the RFS from the Top down.

  2. The glaring injustices of the NSW RFS procedures is there for all (who are not blinded by prejudice and bias), to see in the Upper House Inquiry into Bullying across the Emergency Services

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