The Wambelong Fire Inquiry

Peter Cannon and Brian Williams represented the VFFA at the NSW Upper House Public Enquiry into the Wambelong Fire near Coonabarabran in January 2013.

Peter and Brian submitted the VFFA submission in two parts, one in a public hearing and the other more confidential statements was in a closed committee.

Click HERE to visit the NSW Parliament, Wambelong fire (Inquiry) page with links to submissions.

Media Interest in this Inquiry

An online search will reveal the extent of media interest. It appears that the public is interested to learn of ways to improve public safety, fire prevention, hazard reduction, early intervention and firefighting strategies based upon local knowledge.

The ABC reported that Firefighters are appalled by Coonabarabran bushfire management in a recent article by Joanna Woodburn on the 15th September 2014.

Click HERE to read the ABC article.


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