Well done Mr Barilaro – Next step is to move the RFS Head Office

A very big and sincere well done to the NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business, John Barilaro as he explains the “Easy to do business” program.

Mr Barilaro talks about streamlining business operations, boosting the NSW economy, making it easier and the removal of red tape.

He also suggests that much of the bureaucracy associated with the red tape is typical of government.

The VFFA fully supports this fantastic approach but are disappointed in the short sightedness of the NSW Nationals when it comes to the failure to see the vast benefits of relocating the NSW Rural Fire Service Head Office or larger parts thereof to a regional area.

Rural people are demanding that the RURAL is put back into the Rural Fire Service.

Support for the “VFFA – Lets put the RURAL back into the Rural Fire Service” project is growing day by day and we will be taking this issue to the NSW State Elections on Saturday 23 March 2019.

It’s not too late to move the NSW Rural Fire Service Head Office to a regional location, I’m sure that the staff would enjoy the coffee in Dubbo, Orange or Parkes.

Michael (Mick) Holton
Volunteer Fire Fighters Association

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