About the VFFA

The NSW Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (VFFA) is an independent  volunteer organisation representing  the views and issues that affect volunteer rural fire fighters in NSW.

The VFFA was formed in October 2004 by the late Peter Cannon who was a Group Captain with the Mid Lachlan Team, after the then State Government, RFS and National Parks and Wildlife Service would not take an interest in our concerns into fire safety matters following the aftermath of the 2001 fires in the Goobang National Park. Peter felt that volunteer rural firefighters were not given fair representation within the Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) and thus the VFFA was born.

The VFFA structure saw the need for a means where by the voice of the volunteers could be represented at RFS State Headquarters and with the Government.  We have a Constitution and Regional representatives are in place .

From its inception, the VFFA has been about representing the interests of volunteers. The Executive Committee meets each week via a telephone hookup as a forum for members who may have ideas, suggestions, and issues about the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. These ideas are then discussed and representations made to relevant departments within the New South Wales Government.

Structure of the VFFA

The structure of the NSW Volunteer Firefighters Association is as follows:

  • Executive Council
    • President
    • Senior Vice President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Media Officer
  • Executive Committee
    • Executive Council Members
    • WHS Officer
    • Media Officer
    • Website Coordinator
    • Social Media Officer
    • Membership Officer
    • Representatives from RFS Regions

Objectives of the VFFA

  • Providing a voice and forum for ‘grassroots” representation of volunteers views with the RFS and the State Government.
  • To lobby for and to advocate for improved bushfire management and mitigation in NSW.
  • To disseminate information to volunteer rural firefighters on matters that affect their interests.

Mission Statement

The NSW Volunteer Firefighters Assocation is the independent voice of Volunteer Firefighters within the NSW Rural Fire Service. NSW Volunteer Firefighters or Brigades as a whole may join the VFFA free of charge. The VFFA represents the interests of volunteer firefighters without fear or favour to the RFS and the State Government in all aspects of volunteerism including  Firefighting, Welfare, Discipline, Grievance Disputes, Workplace Safety, Discrimination, Training etc.

The governing body is the Executive Council which is drawn from volunteer representatives of the four RFS regions across NSW.

General meetings are open to all members of the VFFA. If you would like an Executive Council representative to visit you or your brigade or if you have matters involving the RFS that you require advice and assistance with, please email or contact us.

VFFA Mailing Address

293 Kauthi Road
Bretti NSW 2422

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