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The team at the Charles Darwin University’s Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research has been working with Indigenous land managers, conservation, research and
Its been a quiet bushfire season so far, but Shane Fitzsimmons was still making the news - for all the
Of all the factors that contribute to the intensity of a fire (temperature, wind speed, humidity, topography, fuel moisture and
As bushfires peaked in the Australian summer of 2019-20, we heard a lot of the myth of climate change as
AFAC's CEO Stuart Ellis, in a well balanced piece, corrects a number of ex-APAC CEO Greg Mullins incorrect statements on
I am writing to support the NSW Farmers proposal for grazing to be re-introduced into Crown Lands including National Parks.
Our first News Roundup for the year features some defence force photos of the fire their helicopter started un the
On Saturday 23 December 2021 a memorial was held at Peak View for the American air crew of 'Bomber-134' The
The people who lived through the fires are confronted with their changed landscape every day - but they would also
Two stories on Victor Steffensen feature in our News Roundup this week. Really hope you have enjoyed this series this
Roger Underwood's outstanding article on the Bushfire Royal Commission's complete failure to address the root cause of the problem ...
It was lucky this car was parked outside the house when it exploded. Happily the house was saved but it
Defence's record of starting major fires was again highlighted by the ABC this week in a report that the fire
President of The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Mick Holton says Australians “haven’t learnt” from last summer’s devastating bushfires as people
The bush fire on Fraser Island continues to make the headlines after burning for 6 weeks. A new report into
NSW has experienced a bumper wheat crop this year but harvesting it is not always a straightforward experience with firefighters
The 2019-20 Bushfire History Project was an initiative of the Royal Commission into the National Natural Disaster Arrangements. It provided
The Federal Government will create new legislation to permit it to declare a national state of emergency. It will support

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