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13th March 2020 – Firefighting in Canada This Week

3rd March 2020 – VFFA Video

3rd March 2020 – A big shout out to the following sponsors:

3rd March 2020 – RED Friday Organization is stepping up to help

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You have seen our firefighters battling the bushfires on the news. Now, some of our these brave men and women have another battle to fight against PTSD and other forms of Operational Stress Injury.

Through funding campaigns, the RED Friday Organization is stepping up to help safeguard the mental health of our Firefighters.

1st March 2020 – Bunkergear 911

29th February 2020 – I am #REDFridayOrg and I support #AustralianFirefighters

I am REDFridayOrg and I support Australian Firefighters. $5 of every cap sold goes to fund mental wellnes programs for the brave men and women fighting the bushfires in Australia.

27th February 2020 – Caps are already moving…

A big call out to:

Clearview Fire & Emergency Services, Clearview Township Ontario, Canada

Chief Roree Payment

22nd February 2020 – Dave Connor announces the launch of the RED Friday program to support Australian first responders.

Dave Connor is a retired District Fire Chief with a consulting practice focusing on peer support team building and is quite well known and respected in North America. He is the RED Friday programs director.

“The world is not such a large place and the VFFA is deeply moved when our international friends share a common interest in the health and welfare of our First Responders.”

Mick Holton, President, Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Australia

$5 from each cap sale will be given directly to an Australian Firefighter Association, to fund mental wellness programs for Australian firefighters.

Sustained actions such as Australia’s wildfires dramatically increase the frequency and intensity of psychiatric injury, and it will take months or years of support to return to relative normalcy.

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