We cannot respond to anonymous requests

It is very important that we inform our readers that information provided by anonymous persons is noted and followed up where possible, but the level of support and assistance could be limited if we are unable to correspond with people who remain anonymous to the VFFA.

The privacy of our members, volunteers and whistle-blowers will always be treated as the highest priority when dealing with information provided.

The VFFA receives many requests for help and assistance. If the sender does not provide contact information, we may not be able to assist. This situation is deeply concerning as we are committed to assisting volunteers where possible and appropriate.

The VFFA cannot guarantee that every volunteer will be happy with the outcome of their particular situation but it is definitely worthwhile to raise your concerns.

Please provide contact information with your correspondence with the VFFA.

Reporting Corruption

If you have evidence of any corrupt activity within the NSW Public Sector you should go to the ICAC  webpage https://www.icac.nsw.gov.au/reporting-corruption and report it under the the protection of the whistle blower legislation where your anonymity will be respected.

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