Sean’s story

Sean’s story

The NSW road toll isn’t simply a number. It is people. Sadly, it’s closer to home than you think. It’s people like you. Grandparents, mothers, fathers, children. And it’s a number that’s unacceptable, no matter how small it gets, until it gets to zero.

That should be the aim for all of us – government, law enforcement, business, communities, families and individuals – we should work together to do everything in our power to push the number of deaths on NSW roads towards zero.

Lucknow Rural Fire Service to give comfort with Gentle Bears

Lucknow Rural Fire Service to give comfort with Gentle Bears

The Lucknow brigade of the Rural Fire Service is often first on the scene at crashes on the Mitchell Highway and have been given cuddly helpers for traumatic situations.

Recently the volunteer brigade was given five Gentle Bears to put in their two fire trucks so they can give them to people at car crashes, fires and other traumatic incidents.

The bears were among 50 that were presented to branches of the Canobolas Zone of the RFS and there were 2500 that have been distributed to 46 RFS stations across the state by Insurance and Care NSW, icare, and Gallagher Bassett.

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action – way off the mark

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action – way off the mark

The VFFA are concerned that the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action are overlooking key elements of land management practice.

Climate change or variability impacts upon many factors relating to wildfire, but we are all at greater risk because we have neglected our bushland for way too long and the problems associated with fuel loads are becoming worse. Climate change is not the culprit, poor land management and bureaucratic fire service mismanagement is more to blame.

This web site has a plethora of stories relating to improved land management practices based upon Indigenous burning and the practices used by Australian bushmen, foresters, farmers and graziers in decades past.

You may have read press releases or the statement from this group of retired Australian Fire Chiefs claiming that the current bushfire problem in Australia is the result of climate change.

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action group is pressing for action on climate change to prevent bushfires, protect our communities and firefighters.

This campaign is being spearheaded by Mr Greg Mullins, former Fire and Rescue New South Wales Commissioner who is now a Councillor with the Climate Council, an organisation dedicated to the idea that disastrous climate change is already upon us and will get worse unless action is taken. The proposed action is mostly related to reducing or ceasing emissions of carbon dioxide.

Fire and the Eucalypt

Fire and the Eucalypt

The text in this post is an article written by Clarence Hungerford (1895 – 1958). Clarence was a highly respected bushman who lived in the Blue Mountains, NSW at Mt Tomah and Berambing.
Clarence had a thorough knowledge of fire. His thoughts from many years ago are valid today.

Hot or Cool Burns (you choose)

Hot or Cool Burns (you choose)

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that hot fires must be avoided. We have to return to cool burning and other land management practices (including selected agricultural clearing and grazing) if we are going to sustain our environment and lifestyle into the future.

A FEDERAL Parliamentary inquiry will be held into Queensland’s bushfires as the State Government bluntly rejects calls from farmers, lobby groups and Prime Minister Scott Morrison for a judicial inquiry.

NSW has the same problems.

Fire and Emergency Services Levy (Report Tabled)

The Fire and Emergency Services Levy report has been released by the Portfolio Committee No. 4 – Legal Affairs.

The report was tabled on Friday 30 November 2018, it is available on the Parliament NSW website, along with submissions, transcripts of evidence and other documents associated with the inquiry.

The report and its recommendations are now with the government for consideration.

On the 15th of November 2018, the Upper House resolved that Standing Order 233 be varied so as to require that the government provide the response to the committee’s report by the 28th of February 2019.

Projects ahead of People

Whilst we are enjoying our Christmas and New Year break, let’s not forget that there are many people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We recently celebrated a win for all firefighters (full time, part time and volunteers) with the introduction of compensation for firefighters who contract one of 12 cancers from September 27, 2018.

In a press conference held in Orange (November 2018), former Orange firefighter Trevor Eassie revealed the struggles he has endured after contracting leukaemia at work and not receiving any financial compensation.

Read more and watch the press release video…