Tempered by Fire

Capital Community Radio has produced a three-part radio play commemorating the bravery and stoicism of all those involved in the fires at Dwellingup in 1961. These podcasts were created from the actual experiences and memories of survivors. Each part runs for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Well worth a listen.

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News Roundup Easter 2021

Happy Easter everyone!
The fire season officially comes to a close with a number of brigades on the east coast doing flood cleanup work. Armidale gets a new tanker. Lots more news from around the state …

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News Roundup March 16th

Bushfire recovery grant money has been used to support Mountains residents whose properties burnt, provide counselling, legal and health advice and help revive tourism and battered small businesses.
This is one of a number of stories in the News Roundup from across the state.

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Indigenous expertise is reducing bushfires in northern Australia. It’s time to consider similar approaches for other locations

The team at the Charles Darwin University’s Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research has been working with Indigenous land managers, conservation, research and government organisations in northern Australia for the last 25 years to find more effective ways to manage wildfires.
These collaborations have led to a new approach, blending modern scientific knowledge with traditional Indigenous land management practices to reduce bushfire risk.
How? By reducing fuel load through a patchy mosaic of small, low intensity, burns early in the fire season that cut the risk of late dry season fires when greenhouse gas emissions are much greater.

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