Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for RFS Members

On 22 April 2022, the NSW Government lifted Public Health Orders requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for some sectors, instead recommending vaccine requirements be based on risk assessments.

Following this, NSW RFS members were advised that the RFS position requiring all staff and volunteers to be vaccinated remained in place.

NSW RFS members are able to provide feedback on the risk assessment via the feedback form (links in this post) by Friday 10 June 2022.

The VFFA is encouraging as many NSW RFS members as possible to provide feedback to the RFS.

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AGM 2022

This year, the VFFA AGM and ordinary meeting will be held at Peak Hill Ex-Services and Citizens Club in memory of our Founding President, Peter Cannon OAM.

The date and venue details are as follows:

Peak Hill Ex-Services and Citizens Club
57/61 Caswell Street, Peak Hill NSW 2869
Saturday 6th August 2022
AGM times are 11.00 am – 12.00 pm.
Lunch at the Club
Ordinary Meeting from 1.00pm.

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Coolamon Fire Engine Muster

Cowabbie Street, Coolamon NSW (entry by kind donation).

This fun day is organised by the Coolamon Fire Museum.

Members of the public, fire engine owners and enthusiasts are all welcome to come along.

You won’t want to miss out on seeing fire engines, emergency service and educational displays, the Firefighters Fun Relay, classic cars, bikes, and market stalls.

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COVID Vaccination Mandates

On the topic of COVID vaccination mandates and the requirement for volunteers to disclose their vaccination status, the question that should be asked is:

Would the NSW RFS refuse service delivery to members of the public who are not vaccinated or who choose not to disclose their vaccination status?

The answer is obviously “No”

Therefore, why mandate the requirement for volunteers to disclose their vaccination status or even be vaccinated at all.

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Frustrated volunteer firefighters ditch RFS brigades for independent ‘mozzie’ teams

Cathy Noakes walked away from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) in 2014, but she never quit firefighting.

After more than a decade of active service, three of them as captain of her brigade in Farringdon, Ms Noakes stepped down in frustration with the RFS bureaucracy.

“You weren’t allowed to just go and put out a fire,” she said. “You always had to wait for approval. So, as you waited, the fire just escalated.”

Instead, Ms Noakes joined the “mosquito army”, a network of community-based firefighting teams, that went on to play a vital role in firefighting efforts during the 2019-2020 bushfires around Braidwood in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

With their own firefighting gear and radios, local knowledge and experience, the “mozzies” worked in close partnership with their local brigades when RFS resources were stretched beyond their limit across the state.

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FLIR K1 update available

FLIR K1 Update Available

You FLIR K1 may be due for an upgrade.

The K1 includes a USB-C port in the top compartment. The USB port allows the user to update the System firmware by first downloading an update file from the FLIR website and then connecting the K1 to a PC to transfer the file.

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