COVID Vaccination Mandates

On the topic of COVID vaccination mandates and the requirement for volunteers to disclose their vaccination status, the question that should be asked is:

Would the NSW RFS refuse service delivery to members of the public who are not vaccinated or who choose not to disclose their vaccination status?

The answer is obviously “No

Therefore, why mandate the requirement for volunteers to disclose their vaccination status or even be vaccinated at all.

In defence of the RFS Commissioner and Senior Management, they are being directed by the NSW Government.

The RFS has copped a lot of flak for their approach and taking their time to make decisions, but they have been attempting to consult and the feedback is varied.

Some volunteers have indicated that they would leave the service if the vaccination was not mandatory, whilst others feel that they are been pushed out because they are not disclosing their vaccination status or are not vaccinated.

The VFFA supports a localised approach where each individual Brigade manages its own membership.

If the Brigade reports to the NSW RFS that the members of that particular Brigade are happy with their COVID status, then they should remain operational.

This approach will allow for a range of variables.

The service could apply other risk management strategies for deployments that include members from different brigades.

This issue is very political, a strong voice from ALL volunteers (regardless of representative groups or associations) can influence political change on this matter.

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  1. Put on a reserve list. What an insult. We lost our captain and 2 deputy captains and other members, we lost wives who were part of our communications, we lost junior members and future members, we lost members who are first response call out. This has divided our small community. We have members who think that unvaccinated members are not worth resuscitating. WTF… Personally, I don’t care whether you are vaccinated or not. For me, 25 years I put into our RFS not 1 day more.. Guttered it has come to this. RFS lost 3 members from my family.

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