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Rewarding Volunteers through the Tax System

Michael Eburn has published an interesting article on his Australian Emergency Law Blog (December 19, 2014) that is worth a read. Click HERE to view the entire article and feel free to add some comments.

Extracts from the article below:

The NSW Volunteer Fire Fighters Association has recommended that the Commonwealth ‘consider the introduction of a range of incentives to attract young people to join the NSWRFS as well as retain the services of experienced active fire fighters to lead and mentor the next generation of active fire fighters. Such incentives could include tax relief…’ (Michael Scholz, Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention, 17 June 2012).

The issue of recognising volunteers through either allowing them to claim a dollar amount for each hour they volunteer as a tax deduction, or by allowing them to claim a tax deduction for expenses incurred as part of their volunteering has been around for many years. Although there have been discussion papers and recommendations there appears to have been no changes in these areas. Those with an interest in this area may like to keep an eye on the US Bill to see if there are lessons in its implementation for Australia.

Click HERE to view the entire article on the Australian Emergency Law Blog.

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