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Wambelong Fire Submissions have now been published

The submissions relating to the Wambelong Fire have been published by the Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5.

This material is subject to parliamentary privilege which may restrict the way the submissions can be used.

If further information is required on the use which can be made of these submissions the advice of the Clerk of the Parliaments should be sought.

While submissions are subject to absolute privilege, any re-publication may not be. It is recommended that the advice of the Committee Director be sought should clarification be required.

The submissions in this link (below) have been made public by resolution of the Committee and it may not be the full list of submissions.

LINK: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/committee.nsf/0/68BBD71B1A03AC16CA257C23001801CB

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