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The media was present at the last VFFA General Meeting held on Saturday 5th March 2016 at the Murrumbateman Inn.

The following questions were put to the members present:

  • Have volunteers lost control of local firefighting?  Unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Who has experienced this type of behaviour on the fire ground?  Experiences were related from the members.
  • Is bullying and harassment going on in the RFS?  Unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Has anyone been directly impacted either personally or knows someone? Experiences were related from the members.
  • Have we lost experienced and long standing volunteers as a result of the bullying? Unanimous in the affirmative.
  • How do we rectify this problem?

You can have your say using our comments system or by completing the popup survey (the popup survey has now expired).

Additional feedback or requests for assistance can be made via our Contact Us page – click HERE.

Note: This survey has now been closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The survey results have been published HERE.

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  • The draft version of the VFFA Bullying and Harassment Policy is now available as a download so that we can collect your feedback and comments.

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  1. Hi,

    I was quite impressed to open the latest magazine today and see the item relating to RFS Bullying. It pleases me no end to see it coming out in the open as it has affected and caused the separation of many from the service, and also had some very destructive effects on volunteers. To whoever is part of and behind the drive to create the awareness I offer my sincerest thanks, Jon Russell has a reasonable knowledge of my own story and obviously there are many more. Many thanks.

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