It is that time of year that we stop, take a breath and spend some time with our family and friends.

It is also a time that many of our volunteers give up their family time to respond to emergencies all over the state.

Thankfully, in some areas, we have had some rain and our volunteers are likely to have a well deserved break.

In others areas around the state, the fuel loads are high and the conditions are not so favourable.

Either way, our volunteers are committed to their communities and that is something that we are all very appreciative of.

It has been a great year for most of us, but their are some volunteers that continue to be bullied by the system.

The VFFA is committed to stand up for all volunteers and we will stand firm As we expose these injustices.

Having said that, we acknowledge that the RFS is a great institution and all volunteers (VFFA members or not) do a great job.

Well done to all, have a great Christmas, keep safe and keeping fighting for your rights as volunteers of the Rural Fire Service.

Merry Christmas
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