It was brought to our attention that the NSW RFS has a web page titled “Support your local brigade” where you can make a donation directly to your local brigade.

The screen shot below is linked to the web page. You can click it to have a look.

When the user scrolls down, a Westpac link titled “Secure Online Donations” becomes visible.

Clicking on that link displays the following page:

Not all brigades are listed but for those on the list, this is a viable method of fundraising.

The NSW RFS and Westpac needs to be congratulated on providing this method of fundraising.

Supporting the RFSA

If you choose to support the RFSA then you should donate directly to them to avoid the call centre taking 51% of your money.

The screen shot below shows the RFSA online fundraising option that cuts out the call centres.

Note: We are not letting the RFSA off the hook, they need to spend more on brigades, come clean on their expenditure and improve transparency if they expect to retain public support.

Support your local brigade – RFS web page
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