VFFA merchandise at never to be repeated prices

This is a once in a lifetime sale of VFFA Merchandise at never to be repeated prices. These products represent an excellent bargain with high quality embroidered logos and text.

Navy Drill shirts

The following items are on sale and will only be available whilst stocks last.

Navy Drill shirts $20.00
Royal Drill shirts $20.00
Royal Blue T-shirts $13.00
Navy T-shirts $13.00
Royal Blue Polo shirts $15.00
Navy Polo shirts $15.00
Navy Polar fleece jumpers $25.00
Royal Blue fleece jumpers $25.00
Kids Navy T-shirts $10.00
Suede Brim hats $6.00
Navy hats – SOLD OUT $5.00
Navy Beanies $5.00
Stubbie holders $5.00

Please use the form (below) to send us a VFFA merchandise inquiry. We will reply with details of availability and payment options.

VFFA Merchandise Sale - Spring 2015
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