The NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund (the Trust) is a public fund established for the purpose of supporting the volunteer-based fire and emergency service activities of the NSW RFS brigades.

Establishment of a $20 million Fund for Brigades

Following the recent bush fires across NSW, the community, corporate sector and private individuals have responded generously, donating both to individual brigades and to the central fund. 

The Trust has established an immediate $20 million fund for volunteer brigades. 

Applications for funding of up to $10,000 per brigade through the Brigade Grants program will open on 27 February 2020. 

These funds are made available through the Trust, which as a registered charity, is required to comply with strict rules that control how funds can be spent. 

The purpose of the Trust is to assist Brigades to meet the costs of purchasing and maintaining firefighting equipment and facilities, providing training and resources and/or to otherwise meet the administrative expenses of the Brigades which are associated with their volunteer-based fire and emergency service activities. 

Grants will be available to brigades for items which meet the requirements above. 

Funding cannot be provided for items which do not meet the purpose of the Trust. 

Applications will be reviewed to ensure expenditure is in accordance with the purpose of the Trust. 

The Trust is encouraging brigades to start identifying items which may be funded through a grant from the Trust. 

Brigades are also encouraged to work together, such as across a District through the Senior Management Team, to identify initiatives which could benefit a greater number of members or brigades. Allocations can be pooled for that purpose. 

These funds do not replace funding from regular sources but may help supplement items that may not be otherwise funded or available. 

We are encouraging brigades and districts to spend locally wherever possible, to help support fire affected areas and local businesses. 


  • Applications open: 27 February 2020
  • Application processing: Monthly
  • Applications close: 30 October 2020
  • Brigades to spend grant funds by: 31 December 2020 

Grant Applications 

An electronic form will be used for applications. A link to the grant application will be published on MyRFS and NSW RFS social media. It will also be sent by email to all members (where we hold that information). 

The NSW RFS will also shortly commence a consultation process with members to provide guidance on how the remainder of donated funds can be used. 

Key Points

  • Applications for brigade grants will open on 27 February 2020
  • Start thinking now about your application and what you would like to have funded
  • Work with other brigades and your Senior Management Team if you have a proposal for a program or initiative at a district level
  • Submit your applications early. Grant applications will be processed each month
  • Funds can only be allocated for firefighting equipment and facilities, providing training and resources, and/or to otherwise meet the administrative expenses of the brigads
  • Spend local where possible
  • The grant should be spent by 31 December 2020

Download the following file for more information:

Brigade Grants
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