Bush Fire Environmental Assessment Code

VFFA Vice President, Brian Williams talks to Jane Marwick (2GB) about management of bush fire fuel and the difficulties people face when applying for permission to conduct hazard reduction activities.

Those who are opposed to burning often claim that the ‘window of opportunity is too narrow’, but that claim is absolute nonsense. Dry fuels create a situation where burning becomes possible on very cold days in the middle of winter.

The Bush Fire Environmental Assessment Code has been added to this web site. Click on the image below:

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3 Replies to “Bush Fire Environmental Assessment Code”

  1. These guidelines may well have been appropriate for 2006. The changing climate conditions make it clear that any code should be a flexible and collaborative document that suits the conditions and the area. Poor management.

  2. Thanks, Jane, for your interview with Brian Williams, another person with the commonsense to know that doing regular small burns is the only way to lessen the occurrence of the current criminal carnage.

  3. I recently wrote a piece for ‘Quadrant Online’ ‘I Cheered When the Bushfire Came’ Miranda Devine picked up on it and it was re-tweeted 152 times. This resulted in requests for my book ‘White Overall Days’ from Tasmania and a a Canadian climate change discussion group ‘NEXUS’ ran with it as well. For 40 years I’ve been a burnoff advocate and have had enormous resistance from the RFS hierarchy when I went public to the extent that they tried to kill my credibility with newspaper editors and my local brigade. Don’t hold back. Join the VFFA and they will protect you from the empire building careerists. Google my name and ‘bushfires’ for the inside story.

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