Ecological Burning


This post has been inspired by the fantastic work of The Living Knowledge Place.

We have a lot to learn

We need to rethink how we use the term “hazard reduction”.

Preserving and improving our environment will also provide protection of our assets and lifestyle?

The land management practices of indigenous Australians included cool burning, probably best described as “ecological burning” not “hazard reduction”.

Failure to conduct proper land management practices and ecological burning into the future will destroy our environment.

The Sugar Bag Project

Mike Lewis from Charles Darwin University talks with elder Tommy George about stingless bees and hives. Learn how traditional knowledge and cool burning can positively affect the abundance of flora and the bees.

Please Note: This video contains images and video footage of Awu Laya Elder, Dr Tommy George who passed away July 29, 2016.

Dr Tommy George was the last fluent speaker of the Kuku Thaypan language. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D with his brother Dr George Musgrave, for their extensive Indigenous knowledge. He co-founded the Living Knowledge Place, Indigenous Fire Workshop, and Laura Dance Festival. His influence extends throughout Australia and the world.

Click HERE to view this video on The Living Knowledge Place web site.

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