Mick Holton Appears on the Paul Murray Show

Sky News hosted President of The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Mick Holton says Australians “haven’t learnt” from last summer’s devastating bushfires as people are quick to blame climate change when really fuel has built up from decades of land neglect.

“We have destroyed the bush … and then we quickly blame climate change and no one really is too interested in active land management,” Mr Holton told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“There’s 22 million hectares of bushfire prone land in New South Wales and we’re not even reaching one per cent of treatment. “We can’t be blaming climate change.” Mr Holton pointed out that “a few degrees in temperature is not going to make a big difference” because “it’s the fuel, it’s those bad windy days” which creates fire risk.

“The thing that’s different over recent years is the fuel, we have neglected our backyard and let the fuel build and build over decades. “Now we’re paying the price.”

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2 Replies to “Mick Holton Appears on the Paul Murray Show”

  1. 50 % of nsw was burnt because they treated the fire down at Batemans bay as a hazard reduction instead of putting it out and quickly got away and this fire went through areas that had be burnt months before .
    To many people in the RFS are for Facebook and glory gone are the days were blokes put fires out and went back to work . The true bushies know all the tracks were fires are going and how to put them out are gone.

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