NSW Council Mergers

Local government councils are being merged together to form “Strong Councils” under a NSW State Government initiative.

The NSW State Government says that the stronger more efficient councils will work harder for residents and deliver better services and infrastructure like roads, parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities.

Click on the map image below to view the interactive map on the Stronger Councils web site.

council mergers map
New Local Government Area (LGA) boundaries and names are as proclaimed in proclamations made under the Local Government Act 1993 and published on the NSW Legislation Website on 12/05/2016. This plan has been prepared by reference to surveys recorded in the register of public surveys kept under section 7 of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002.

How will these mergers impact upon the Rural Fire Service?

The NSW RFS eBulletin (May 2016 Issue 43) stated:

  1. The NSW Rural Fire Service has an existing partnership with local government, and our Districts are based on local government boundaries, the changes will lead to some changes in our Service longer term.
  2. There is no immediate change to NSW RFS arrangements or operations.
  3. The NSW RFS continues to operate as normal and these changes do not affect day to day responses to emergencies or services to the community.
  4. The NSW RFS will be further considering the council changes, as well as the proposed changes, and be communicating with members.
  5. There is likely to be administrative changes but this would not affect capacity to deliver front line services.

The eBulletin also stated that a working group has been established and will work on identifying areas of the RFS that may be impacted by the changes. This working group will be chaired by Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers and include representation from all Directorates.

Regular updates will be established, and there will be opportunities for members to provide feedback going forward.

More information about the changes to local government arrangements can be found at www.strongercouncils.nsw.gov.au

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