Mick Holton Appears on the Paul Murray Show

President of The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Mick Holton says Australians “haven’t learnt” from last summer’s devastating bushfires as people are quick to blame climate change when really fuel has built up from decades of land neglect. See the full interview on the Paul Murray Show on Sly News.

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News Roundup 28th November

The bush fire on Fraser Island continues to make the headlines after burning for 6 weeks. A new report into the impact of ‘chewing smoke’ makes interesting reading and shows how dangerous the smoke is to the community. These are some of this weeks stories in the News Roundup.

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News Roundup 22nd November

NSW has experienced a bumper wheat crop this year but harvesting it is not always a straightforward experience with firefighters responding to 30 machinery fires already this season.
This is one of many stories in this weeks roundup from around the state.

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The 2019-20 Bushfire History Project

The 2019-20 Bushfire History Project was an initiative of the Royal Commission into the National Natural Disaster Arrangements. It provided an opportunity for people to record their personal experience and share photos and videos taken during the 2019-20 bushfires or the ongoing recovery. The Royal Commission received more than 1800 photos, videos and written accounts from people in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria who were affected by the bushfires.
See more … the Commission has published four YouTube videos with photos of the Firefighters, Aerial Firefighting, The Damage and The Recovery.

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News Roundup Black Friday 13th November

The Federal Government will create new legislation to permit it to declare a national state of emergency. It will support most of the Royal Commission recommendations but not the creation of a national aerial firefighting fleet. In the meantime Coulson Aviation and Lindsay Fox have got together to do just that! Lots more news in this weeks roundup!

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The Executive of the VFFA seeks to appoint a CEO to develop the organisation into a financially independent robust body delivering useful services to RFS Volunteers in NSW, representing their views to government, and acting as an effective agent of change to improve land management and fire management practices in the state.

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