Peak View Bushfire Memorial Poem

On Saturday 23 December 2021 a memorial was held at Peak View for the American air crew of ‘Bomber-134’.

The day marked the one-year anniversary since the water bomber flown by Captain Ian McBeth, first officer Paul Hudson and flight engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr crashed while fighting a bushfire at Peak View, north-east of Cooma.

The Peak View Bushfire Memorial Poem was written and delivered on the day by Peak View RFS member Ernie Constance.

Peak View Bushfire Memorial Poem

This rocks stands as a monument
To three brave heroes of our day
Their commitment as solid as this rock
Where their names will forever stay

They flew in from the USA
In Peak View’s hour of need
The fire was coming from the west
Fanned by winds of gale force speed

They dived and bombed to quell the flames
Never counting on the price
To save residents and property
They made the supreme sacrifice

We will never get to thank them
For the sacrifice they made
And, we owe a debt of gratitude
That can never be repaid

May their souls fly high forever
O’er our countryside serene
May their spirits rise to see again
Our blackened bush, now green

They can never walk amongst us
But their memories will remain
In our hearts and souls forever
Until we meet again

© Ernie Constance October 2020

We remain forever grateful for their service and our thoughts are with their families and colleagues.

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