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Blue or Yellow

During independent testing in Alberta, Canada, it has been identified that the blue coloured clothing absorbs more heat.
Why then… do we now see a move towards blue pants?
This is probably an issue with yellow shirts rather than a blue pants issue.
Its also worth noting that it is hard to get any pants other than yellow over trousers in the bush.
This is not anything new, volunteers have picked up on this conflicting argument when the blue pants were originally rolled out.
This issue is further evidence that the NSW Rural Fire Service does whatever it wants without sufficient consultation.

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We Want Our Blue Shirts Back

The RFS Commissioner doesn’t care and Minister, Stuart Ayres isn’t interested.

The Volunteers have spoken loudly about the removal of access to purchasing the Blue Shirts that they have worn for years. Earlier this year the RFS stopped another group from selling the Blue Shirts, therefore the Volunteers could no longer could buy them. In October 2009, The RFS Commissioner Fitzsimmons stated: I will not be banning Volunteers from wearing Blue Drill Shirts, particularly when Volunteers have funded these themselves.

It appears to be an intentional move by the RFS to halt the sale of the blue shirts so that Volunteers will eventually run out of them, thus forcing them to wear the much despised Yellow Shirt.

A Facebook page was established which quickly drew the support of many from across NSW. The social media site included a vast array of pictures and text that clearly defined the views of the Volunteers. www.facebook.com/bringbacktheblue

Bring Back the Blue Shirt Community

Photo: Bring Back the Blue Shirts Facebook Cover Photo

On August 28th this year the VFFA wrote on behalf of our members that happen to be constituents of the Member for Penrith, the Hon. Stuart Ayres, a request for help to reinstate the Blue Shirts. Stuart Ayres also happens to be the Minister for Police, the Minister for Emergency Services, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, and the Minister assisting the Premier on Western Sydney!

Stuart Ayres

We sought his intervention on behalf of our members but after two months, he still ignored the call. We wrote him again on November 7th giving him a final seven days to respond but again, nothing. It is apparent that with all of Mr Ayres portfolios, he clearly hasn’t got time for us as Volunteers which is a shame because at a meeting he held with the VFFA Executive back on July 10th 2014, he told us: I’m a man of Action!

If your upset at the loss of the Blue Shirt, as so many clearly are, we strongly urge you to write, email and phone your elected Member of Parliament to express your disappointment at the removal of the Blue Shirt and demand action. Tell them just how angry you are.

One thing to remember, there’s a State Election on March 15th 2015 so we’re sure you’ll get a response.

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Sale – VFFA Merchandise

Get yourself into a VFFA Blue Drill Shirt for only $20 (they are as rare as rocking horse poop)

Navy Drill shirts

There are many other sales items also available.

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Bring Back the Blue Shirts – Survey

blue_shirt_300x300Congratulations to everyone that’s contributed to this fight for what we love, our Blue Shirts, and as previously said; to the founders of the Facebook page, a brilliant job you have done…thank you.

Now everyone’s had a good chance to witness the arrogance of Head Office towards its Volunteers. Sad considering that they are paid to support us, not dictate to us for its we who physically fight the fires, we don’t do it in air conditioned office, we’re the ones that are “out there” staring the fires in the face. One man’s ability to bury ones head deep in the sand for fear of losing face is sad indeed. Keep supporting the Facebook page, show your support & spread the word among all other RFS Volunteers that there is now a Survey available to gauge your thoughts on the Blue Shirts return. Click on the Survey link below:

Bring back the blue drill shirt Survey

For twenty years & more, RFS Volunteers have purchased the Blue Shirts out of their own pockets & at much great personal expense!

Last sales the shirts sold for $54.00 each. The RFS Commissioner is on record saying:

“I will not be banning Volunteers from wearing Blue Drill Shirts, particularly when Volunteers have paid for these themselves.”

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The RFS is Not Listening

Radio 2ST

Published: 02 September 2014 on the 2ST web page.

Blue or Yellow Shirts for RFS Volunteers?

In recent times there’s has been a great deal of angst amonst RFS volunteers about the yellow shirts replacing the blue drill shirt.

Barry Mac spoke to Ben Sheppard Media Officer from the RFS and Mick Holton, Chairman of the Volunteer Firfighters Association Region South.

Have a listen to Mick’s comments on this issue.


Click HERE to read the original media article.

This post is intended as a means of sharing media information. The views or opinions expressed in the content may not be shared by all NSW FRS Volunteer. Readers are encouraged to form their own opinions based upon a wide range of information and experience.

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RFS Volunteers want their Blue Shirts Back

With the Commissioners directive to the RFSA to stop further sales, this action on his part has created anger & outrage among RFS Volunteers across NSW, which is evident in the Facebook page established to support the shirts return….the Commissioner has done himself no favours in ignoring the Volunteers calls for the shirts return.

As we’ve been saying, if he won’t listen to your concerns (& considering we’re highly likely to confront an extremely bad Bushfire Season this year AND let’s not also forget that there’ll be a NSW State Election in March next year), we feel that all Volunteers should send their thoughts on this matter to the Minister, the Hon. Stuart Ayres.

Demand a display of recognition of the many voices being loudly heard in support of the Blue Shirt’s return. Its long over due that Volunteers start receiving at least one Free Blue Shirt per year & have the sales of the shirts be reinstated as they previously were.

We encourage everyone of you, your family & your friends to urgently email the Ministers Office & let him know how you feel:

The Hon. Stuart Ayres, MP
Member for Penrith
Minister for Police &
Emergency Services

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Blue Drill Shirts


You may recall that a few years ago, the NSW RFS started supplying RFS Staff with yellow shirts. The yellow shirts were not received well by volunteers.

Volunteers in rural areas struggle to get any type of shirt, then the service changed to a yellow one. There was not much consultation with volunteers or staff before the yellow shirts were introduced.

The RFSA continued to make available the RFS badged blue drill shirts at a cost of $54.00 and there are many volunteers who were happy to pay for their own shirt or shirts.

The RFS has now stopped the RFSA from procuring any further deliveries of the blue drill shirts from Stewart & Heaton.

This forces volunteers (who like to wear a badged shirt) with limited options:

1. Wear the much despised and incredibly unpopular “Free” Yellow Shirts (sorry to those rural Districts with limited budgets)

2. Forget the RFS badge and wear plain shirts.

The RFSA is planning to buy up any remaining stock and are no longer allowed to sell RFS badged versions of the blue shirts once stocks have run out.

The comment (below) has been published on the RFSA Shop’s main web page:


Following a decision by the NSW RFS to not renew the contract with the supplier for the production of blue

drill shirts, the Association has purchased all available stock held by the supplier.

These shirts will all be made available to our Members.

When this stock is sold there will be no further issues of this item available.

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